Quick and easy translation!

Now, translate MS Office documents, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, with VisualTran.
  • Quick and easy translation functionality can be enabled through a complete link with MS Office.
  • Automatic translation is supported through MS Bing and Google Translate.
  • Translated content is presented in real time without any change to the original document.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Soft
Extensive support is provided for MS Office, from 2007 to the latest 2016 version.
VisualTran is an Alliance Partner of Microsoft translation.


VisualTran enables easy and quick translation.


Many companies have already adopted VisualTran.
  • Kotra
  • Samsung
  • Gravity
  • Boeing
  • Etri
  • Particle Measuring Systems
  • Hbm
  • Issoft
  • Kogas-tech
  • Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
  • Wooribank
  • The Bank of Korea

Translation jobs at our organization have seen a time savings of at least 50% and a translation quality improvement of at least 30%.

Delivery, Sales and Marketing Manager, Samsung SDS Peking

The savings in translation time and improvements in quality enabled by VisualTran have doubled our income.

President of a Translation Agency

Using VisualTran has helped us to significantly improve the productivity of our translators.

Assistant Director of the Peking Branch of the Bank of Korea

Using VisualTran has helped us to significantly improve our translation quality by cumulatively building up a tailored translation memory and glossary.

Patent Attorney of a Patent Law Firm

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